Our software development company wants to integrate dictation, transcription and/or speech recognition to enhance our application.

VocalTek specializes in providing state-of-the-art software and hardware solutions aimed at enabling professionals, corporations and government agencies to seamlessly integrate innovative speech processing technologies into their workflow processes. These technologies are meant to significantly improve the overall efficiency of the workflow in regards to the creation of documents. Whether searching for greater autonomy for the author, dealing with a shortage of qualified transcription staff or simply trying to enhance productivity and decrease overall administration costs, let VocalTek and its team of experts show you the way.Regardless of the size of your organization or your technical proficiency in regards to technology, VocalTek will use its extensive expertise to educate you on speech processing technologies and present you with the most viable options available. Whether you are considering the potential merits of a migration from an analog to a digital environment for your dictation/transcription requirements, researching the intrinsic value of deploying an enterprise-wide workflow software or are simply investigating how speech recognition could improve your effectiveness, VocalTek will gladly collaborate with you to examine your situation and determine the best course of action in keeping with your budgets.

Although some of our solutions are proprietary and have been successfully integrated on an OEM basis, we also partner with industry leaders such as Philips Speech Processing, the world leader in professional dictation as well as Nuance Communications, the world is leading developer of speech recognition technologies.

Our solutions are deployed in hospitals, medical clinics, large as well as small law firms, various government agencies and private enterprises and are both scalable and adaptable to meet our client’s specific speech processing requirements.

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