We wish to utilize speech recognition in one of our existing applications (i.e. RIS, PACS, EMR, etc.).

  • Healthcare facilities are always in search of innovative technologies which enhance the overall productivity of their doctors by improving the workflow. Although several software applications, such as EMR’s and department-specific systems (i.e. RIS or PACS, EMR etc.), have been deployed to automate much of the process required to generate electronic health records, they have not been effective in completely eliminating the need for manual entry by either the doctors or the transcriptionist who serve them. Patient specific narratives are so diverse that no system can effectively incorporate all the potential nuances associated the completion of an electronic medical report.

VocalTek provides workflow solutions allowing healthcare organizations to optimize doctor productivity by enabling them to dictate the narrative portions of their patient reports directly into any third-party application using speech recognition. Physicians no longer require typing skills or support staff to complete and finalize their medical reports.


  • Doctors can speak much faster than they can type allowing them to generate reports, documents and e-mails much more rapidly
  • Poor typists can create documents as efficiently, if not more than a professional typist
  • Real-time speech recognition allows doctors to visualize, edit and format their documents immediately
  • Doctors no longer need to type their reports as they can use speech to enter the information directly into their existing  systems
  • Authors can visualize and edit their reports in real-time
  • The software can be loaded on their laptops giving them a mobile office
  • Powerful time-saving macros can be developed to permit doctors to fill out forms, insert frequently used text and/or graphics, or automate processes
  • Close integration with Microsoft Office enables authors to easily dictate, edit and format within applications such as Word and Outlook using voice
  • Reduces stress as reporting is no longer as time consuming
  • Affords physicians more time to treat their patients
  • Reports are generated in a more timely fashion 


  • Huge productivity gains enabling doctors to treat more patients
  • Speeds up processing times and reduces back-loads
  • Improves quality of reports as volume of information is no longer as time consuming
  • Improved customer service as information is processed in a more timely manner 


  • A personalized and comprehensive training is provided which dramatically reduces the learning curve, enables physicians to immediately reap the benefits of the technology and ensures adoption.


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