We are an organization with case workers searching for a speech recognition solution to enhance their productivity in the creation of their reports

Organizations are always searching for innovative solutions which enable them to improve the overall productivity of their workforce.  For example, social workers, insurance adjusters, police officers or investigators who are required to document client related events utilizing an industry-specific case management system.  Although these systems usually provide users with various templates and some point and click functionality, in most instances, they cannot eliminate the narrative portions of the report, as the information varies from case to case.

• Data entry at 120+ words per minute
• Typing skills not required
• Ability to immediately visualize, edit and finalize reports in real time
• Speech can be used to enter information directly into their case management systems
• The software can be loaded on laptops allowing mobility
• Dictations from a digital recorder or smart phone can be downloaded and recognized
• Speech enabled macros can be designed to automate repetitive text or processes
• Full integration with Microsoft Office suite (i.e. Word, Outlook, etc.)
• Reduces repetitive stress injuries (RSI’s) often associated with computer work
• Reduces stress as case reporting is no longer as overwhelming
• Affords authors more time to do more gratifying tasks
• Customized templates can be incorporated
• Workflow can be implemented for secretaries to process speech recognized text

• Productivity gains enabling case workers to handle larger workloads
• Speeds up processing times and reduces back-loads
• Improves quality of reports as volume of information is no longer as time consuming
• Improved customer service as information is processed in a timely manner
• Curbs case worker burnout by dramatically reducing the time required to complete case documentation
• Reduces insurance claims associated to burnout and repetitive stress injuries

• A personalized and comprehensive training dramatically reduces the learning curve, enables the author to immediately reap the benefits of the technology and ensures adoption. 

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