I want a speech recognition solution that allows me to create my documents autonomously.

VocalTek’s professional speech recognition solutions allows authors with limited administrative support to effectively create and finalize documents, reports and even emails by simply dictating. The primary advantage of speech recognition is that it enables its users to enter data, format and make corrections at speeds in excess of 100 words per minute, which rivals the productivity of even the fastest typist.


  • Data entry at 120+ words per minute
  • Typing skills not required
  • Ability to immediately visualize, edit and finalize reports
  • Reduces or eliminates the need for secretarial support
  • Full integration with Microsoft Office suite (i.e. Word, Outlook, etc.)
  • Powerful macros can be designed to automate repetitive processes (i.e. normal reports)
  • Dictations made on professional digital recorders can be downloaded and recognized
  • Can be installed on a laptop, allowing mobility
  • Customized templates can be incorporated
  • Workflow can be implemented for secretaries to process speech recognized text


  • Speech recognition is not an out-of-the-box solution and must be pre-adapted
  • An author’s specific acoustic profile must be finely tuned
  • Terminology specific to the author or field of practice must be added to the dictionary
  • Author’s documentation should be added to provide context to new words. The input device(s) must reflect the author’s desired situation (i.e. recorder, headsets, microphones, etc.)
  • Voice activated macros can be programmed for repetitive tasks
  • Customer specific templates can be incorporated 


A personalized and comprehensive training dramatically reduces the learning curve, enables the author to immediately reap the benefits of the technology and ensures adoption. 


Professional Speech Recognition Solutions

Available speech recognition solution bundles:

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