SpeechExec Enterprise – Dictation Workflow Solution


An enterprise solution, typically required to support a large number of users (25+) and who may dictate in different offices, has all the advantages of a typical streamlined dictation and transcription workflow solution with the addition of centralized management features for administrators. This enables them to efficiently manage system-wide settings and user configurations over the network.  The efficient centralized management tools, combined with advanced workflow functionalities make it ideal for organisations supporting a large numbers of users, multiple remote offices or thin client environments.



  • Intuitive one-thumb operation
  • Upgradable storage capacity (360 hours of dictation with included 2GB SD card)
  • USB docking station and cable for downloading of completed dictations
  • Dictations are forwarded automatically to transcription


  • Editing functions for authors such as insert, overwrite and append
  • Ability to identify, sort and prioritize dictations before sending to transcription
  • Real-time job status information for tracking pending and completed dictations


  • Digital Pocket Memo can be locked and password protected
  • Files can be encrypted to protect sensitive information (important when forwarding to transcription using email)
  • Automatic backup function to protect data from accidental loss


  • Complete mobility requiring only internet access
  • Web browser access for flexible dictation management
  • Speech recognition ready
  • Smartphones and tablets can be enabled with dictation capabilities
  • A multifunction microphone with programmable buttons and an integrated mouse can replace the recorder for authors who prefer a desktop solution


  • Administrators can remotely manage users, licenses and system settings
  • Facilitates the configuration of work list columns, work groups, filters and job information as well as supporting Microsoft’s Active Directory Services
  • Link between author (s) and transcriptionist (s) can be dynamically altered
  • Enterprise-wide login for flexible working environments in multiple offices
  • Citrix and terminal server support for on-demand application delivery
  • Both software upgrades and hardware drivers can be easily installed


  • Statistics Module – displays comprehensive statistics on dictation, transcription, job status, and workload with graphical output for better and clearer analysis.
  • Workflow Manager – allows administrators to set up and automate a workflow for moving, copying, and deleting dictation files based on predefined rules and schedules as well as sending automatic e-mail notifications.
  • Web Director – an online Web interface for exchanging dictation files and associated documents allowing users to access them from any computer with Internet access
  • Remote Device Manager – enables IT administrators to centrally configure all peripherals (i.e. download new drivers, etc.).


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