The legal industry is facing a looming shortage of qualified legal assistants able to effectively transcribe their documents. Competition for these scarce resources has driven up the costs of many law firms and severely hampered their ability to effectively turn around their dictations. The industry has turned to innovative technologies such as digital dictation, workflow software and speech recognition to help alleviate the problem.

VocalTek specializes in providing speech processing solutions specifically tailored and adapted to meet our clients’ particular requirements. Whether your organization is looking to upgrade from analog to digital technology or needs to improve the performance or scale of its current workflow or perhaps, simply investigating how speech recognition can improve author autonomy and reduce their dependence on administrative staff, look no further. VocalTek offers a comprehensive suite of both hardware and software solutions specifically tailored to meet your particular needs and improve your productivity. Our consultants can leverage their experience to propose the best options available, in keeping with your budgets.

VocalTek integrates innovative technologies such as speech recognition into its clients’ specific workflow to either improve their individual productivity or that of their transcription staff. Our speech recognition solutions are turnkey and personally adapted to each user. We install, configure and provide full training for all our clients ensuring adoption and an orderly transition.