Law Enforcement


Law enforcement agencies are faced with budgetary constraints and an increasingly heavy administrative burden which keeps its officers and investigators from doing actual police work in the field. A disproportionate amount of each shift is spent at the police station typing up reports and populating databases. Often, the information gathered cannot be disseminated in as it is in handwritten form in a file versus electronic format in a searchable database.

VocalTek offers bilingual speech recognition solutions which are adapted to the user’s specific workflow in order to substantially reduce the time an officer or detective spends generating the required reports or populating databases. We adapt the vocabulary to incorporate the author’s terminology, create an acoustic profile and provide a comprehensive training to ensure that performance of the technology is optimized.

With the incorporation of mobile devices such as smartphones or digital recorders in combination with specialized Bluetooth headsets, officers can easily dictate their reports while out on the field. The resulting speech files (dictations) can then be easily downloaded and converted to text using speech recognition software when the officer or detective gets back to the office. This leads to more complete reporting as the information can be dictated while still fresh in the author’s mind and eliminates the stress associated with having to type lengthy documents at the end of the shift.