The insurance industry is always searching more efficient ways for their field agents and adjusters to complete intensive documentation, which can spend up to 50 percent of their day typing reports and documentation. This time-consuming data entry makes it difficult for field agents and adjusters to balance their workload, leading to long hours, low morale and high turnover rates.

Document inefficiencies are causing rapid cost escalation for insurance carriers of all types and sizes. Lengthy manual input of forms and reports slows down response to customer claims and impacts the quality and thoroughness of required documentation. Today’s insurance companies are looking for faster, easier ways to complete intensive documentation. Enabling staff to better manage their existing volume of work and handle even more cases per day yields both higher job satisfaction and bottom-line results.

VocalTek’s speech recognition solutions can substantially reduce the time a field agent or adjuster spends generating required reports. Through the use of mobile devices and Bluetooth technology, field agents and adjusters can dictate their reports while out on the field. The speech files can then be easily downloaded and organized when they get back to the office. This leads to more complete reports as the information is still fresh and they need not worry about typing lengthy documents.

Conscious of the fact that many insurance field agents and adjusters must operate in both official languages, VocalTek has designed its solutions to allow its users to work in French and in English, with specialized insurance dictionaries adapted for either language.