Governments are by far the largest processors of information with several departments manually typing most of these records into centralized databases. Despite all the technological advances of the past few years, civil servants are still heavily burdened with mountainous amounts of paper and information which must be entered into their agency’s information systems. Government processes are driven largely by information – from field reports and case histories to requests for services and regulatory compliance paperwork.

Resource-constrained agencies deal with limited budgets and must constantly look to technology to meet the growing challenge of doing more with less. Lacking support staff, employees are often expected to be more autonomous and perform administrative tasks previously delegated to assistants and secretaries. Unfortunately many of these employees lack the requisite typing skills to complete these tasks efficiently.

VocalTek offers bilingual speech recognition solutions which are adapted to the user’s specific workflow in order to substantially reduce the time an officer or detective spends generating the required reports or populating databases. We adapt the vocabulary to incorporate the author’s terminology, create an acoustic profile and provide a comprehensive training to ensure that performance of the technology is optimized.